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Time:01:13 pm
new york tomorrow :]
& happy new year xx
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Current Music:gaga.
Current Location:home
Time:02:12 pm
Current Mood:excitedexcited
28 days to gooooo!
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Time:01:16 pm
Current Mood:aggravatedaggravated
80 days to go.......
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Current Music:florence and the machine - between two lungs
Current Location:in my room at home
Subject:waffle waffle.
Time:07:18 pm
Current Mood:jealousjealous
143 days til america. is that enough time to get pretty/skinny? hmmm lol i cant waiit its going to be weird spending christmas there tho without the parentals ect but it will be fun were road trippin to new york for new years and then we are off to disneyworld im so excited i might actually pee my pants :P im not looking forward to the 7 hour flight tho booo.

ooo me and the kates are going to the new moon premiere soo stalking rpatz tehe :P

new obsessions -

my ipod touch
anything japanese
saving every penny i earn
planning my trip to americaca
florence and the machine
my neighbour totoro
planning new inkage
deco den
ayumi hamasaki
my twilight audiobooks haha

over & out
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Current Music:lady gaga - pokerface
Current Location:sat on my bed
Time:04:14 pm

i have 2 new obsessions to add to my list.
Kamikaze Girls and Pullip/dal/teayang/byul dolls.

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Current Music:disney christmas songs duhh
Current Location:in bed with minnie
Subject:waffle waffle i love disney <3
Time:02:31 pm
Current Mood:chipperchipper
so im finally updating.......
disneyland was sooo much fun! i miss it lots! le pout. i want to live in sleeping beautys castle <3 swoon.
i wont bore you with my 2000 photos so ill just post a couple :-
i bought the coolest hat everr.
halloween at disneyland is sucha cool time to go cuz all the characters are dressed up <3 my favourite has to be donald duck i love him and his cute feet :P my new favourite restaurant there deffo has to be the rainforest cafe we ate ther like 4 times in one week haha and we tried every one of there cocktails all delish btw the best one is lightening lemonade or the rainbow pina colada yummy.
i cant wait till we go back there again in july woo for a whole 8 days 7 nights this time we are going to stay in the newport bay hotel cuz it looks much posher :P then the santa fe which was cheap and cheerful hehe.

 <--- future house.

newhooo i cant believe its chirstmas eve tomorrow 0__0 seriously where the fuck has this year gone?? i have to work tomorrow morning but only 8 til 1 so its not to bad plus we are all dresing up (im an angel btw) and drinking so the time should pass quickly :)

i bought another tokidoki bag at the weekend soo excited i cant wait til it arrives in the mail squeee its so cute i love the print its called carnival i think super cute anyways it has horses on it <333

well im talking rubbish like normal so i shall bid you farewell and merry christmas!!!! 
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Current Music:Im watching Cinderella <3
Current Location:in bed.
Time:11:39 pm
Current Mood:excitedexcited

lookies what i got at the weekend! 
to guinea pigs called Walt after Walt disney and Dexter after
dexter morgan from the tv show <3 they are so cootes! they are currently
living in my bedroom as i thought i was far to cold for them outside.

11 days til disneyland!!!!!!!!! i cannot waittttt.
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Current Music:aqua
Subject:pointless entry.
Time:11:04 pm
Current Mood:happyhappy

37 days til disneyland i got my suitcase out last week lol
ive even put some stuff in it already im so sad i know but i cant wait
i have nothing else to do til disneyland but work and save my moneys.
i bought a new bag for the flight and then another one for the park :]
(See above the pink one is for the plane the other for the park)

Rubys christening was really fun! it started at 330 the service lasted an
hour and then we all went back to laurens house and has sucha good
party i got a little pissed to say the least me kate and claire managed to
drink a whole bottle of tequila before 630 haha. i love those girls im so
pleased there coming to disneyland with me we are going to have a blast!

My new addiction is wrigleys extra fusion chewing gum in orange pineapple
and banana flavour its lush go buy it. :]

I got my new tattoo a couple of weeks back its A G W on my right wrist below
my bow its my brothers initials and i love it so <3

bye bye =^..^=

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Current Music:peter pan
Current Location:in bed
Time:11:36 pm
Current Mood:excitedexcited
my niece in growing so quickly shes almost 5 months! its her christening on august 3rd :]

* this is Ruby at the zoo with her serious face, isnt she just the cutest thing ever? yes.
ne who pointless update really.

 * im going to Disneyland in October i really cannot wait! its going to be so much fun im going with two of my bestest Kate and Claire we are staying a whole 5 days and 4 nights. we are staying at the Santa Fe(its the one that has the best bar and the best cocktails) cant waiit im saving already im taking lots of ££££ so i can buy eveyrthing hah. i want some minnie mouse ears and some disney couture <3 plus it will be halloween at disneyland squuee best holiday everr. we are flying from bristol at some stupid time i think around 6am oh dearrrr seemed like a good idea when we booked it :S 
*i spoke to one of my bestest friends today for the first time in almost 5 years! ive missed him lots im going to stay with him in the summer :]

ne who nothing else to write im going to finish watching Peter Pan and go to sleep. freddie (my doggie) is snoring LOUDLY next to me im going to poke him. 

toodle pip. 

p.s im addicted to Vitsmart water in forest fruits YUM!

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Time:07:41 pm

meet Ruby Elizabeth Wheeler
my beautiful little niece <3
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